Downtown to the local drugstore.

Gets that black- raspberry- liquor.

Likes to spike her fruity drink.

She giggles, likes to act like she cant think.

Presses the blunt to her sweetened – hungry – lips

Hopes to God he will find himself buried in those hips

Drunken stupors they find themselves caught

They’ve weaved the trap they should have naught

Bare naked in his hell bound bed, she cries

Lust stained satin sheets , he got his prize

His soul was awakened black

She could have a heart- beneath the plaque

I watch from the cracked door

Cant look away, but don’t want to see no more

Padre de mi hijo why do you make love to mi hermana pequeña?


Copyright 2013 Hannah Marie

All rights reserved, Inflicted Delusions.


Every Time I Close My Eyes

All I ever wanted was a little lady

Maybe she could take away my crazy

Each night she would pray for me to be blessed

Her perfumed head resting upon my muscled chest

I would protect her from her drunken brother

In return she would make love to me like there was never another

But when I open my eyes, she is never there

So I keep them shut, pleading with God, bring her back here



Every Time I Close My Eyes

Copyright 2013 Hannah Marie

All rights reserved, Inflicted Delusions.

Folly Holly

He’s drunk in love with Holly..

Makes him feel like he just ingested Molly..

Will do anything – to make her happy..

Too bad, she is fucking – his pappy..

She slaps his face, in anger..

Only wants him, for his paper..

Fingers wrapping around that silky throat..

Passionately making her choke..

Purple bruises he kissed – with soft lips..

Holding her – in his warm embrace, finally she was his..

Poor, poor Holly –

Shouldn’t have created so much folly?



Folly Holly

Copyright 2013 Hannah Marie

All rights reserved, Inflicted Delusions.