Racist I am not :)

I just wanted to make this short note! I am not a racist, I am half Mexican, half White, I love both sides of my family and all cultures, sometimes my posts may have racist or racy, provocative messages, I am sorry if this offends anyone! It is not my intention so if it does I will understand if you choose to un-follow my blog! 😦 Which would make me sad but I totally understand! Thanks 🙂


9 thoughts on “Racist I am not :)

  1. No way! These are your words. If a person decides to judge you for what’s inside of you, they should go; but only on their terms. This is a great blog. : )

  2. Only a fool would misunderstand a character with the writer. You shouldnt worry.
    If it serves the experience, personally I have written about many “offensive” things and not a complain so far, if they stay away thats another story 😛

    • Thank you! I totally wish people understood that just because I write something does not mean that I am actually promoting it, or it making fun of it, or even agree with it! I am just the one who is letting the character become alive~!

  3. Artists write what comes into their minds. I create verbal images that make people laugh, you craft verbal images that make people think. We are the same, but different.

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