Late Night Reminiscing

Last night, well, technically tonight (haha) I had the most amazing company. These people were the kind that you just feel connected with, they are real, amidst the glowing firelight we engaged in the sad, happy, quirky, unfortunate events of our lives… It was beautiful. When human beings unite in common or uncommon situations we have been through. Sometime we don’t understand what others have been through, what they have seen or experienced but when we open up, something magical occurs. Looking at each other through the others, weary, weathered eyes. Sparks of little light, flying from the pit, and quickly incinerating a little patch of fresh green lawn. Her eyes, the way they light up when she slaps his arm a little, then looks towards me and smiles. How quickly that contagious smile escapes her face, as his pearly white grin fades and his shoulders tense and he inhales a menthol cigarette and lets the strand from his lips and he says “Fuck it.” His mind slipping from the good times and he quietly and slowly tells us about it… Living is hell, but we do it anyway, and then just as quickly were all laughing and living is exquisite. It has to end. Everything ends, but this living, I will not forget. No it’s to precious to forget. To fucking important to forget… Live and Write, it’s all I am going to do…


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