Thrive 4 Life

So im not about hypes. I’m a very skeptical person, I did not thinking taking two little pills, drinking a shake and wearing a patch would change my life. BUT OMGGGGGG! I am on overload. I have energy like crazy, I have never in my entire life been able to hop out of bed at 5 am and go to bed at 10pm and do it all again while bouncing through my day! Heck Yea! You guys need to check this out!!!!!!!!!!!! Try the 8 week experience you will not be sorry!

Up for it….

I wanted you to be different..
Because I wanted you..
So I tested you..
I know it wasn’t fair..
But I needed it..
And when you failed, I got mad..
I lashed out as my nails tore into that stubble on your neck..
I just wanted you to deny me..
So that I could have you..

Professional Lying Tongue

I am the  professional liar

Lies… my only friends

They keep me warm and satisfied, in the lonely night

Because I can create a false but perfect world…. for me.  

Nobody understand why.. but I don’t either.

It hurts too much to come clean.

So instead I make up another lie….


Mon Amour

I got obsessed with her..
Right down to my bones..

Oceans apart, soul mates..
She’s the only one I think of..

Dark eyes, red lips, wild – hair..
She is my crazy girl, in every way..

~ ~ ~ ~

I got obsessed with him..
His thick accent, piano playing..

Lands away, I started to doubt..
How could he love me from so afar..

Only his beautiful French words, to soothe my soul..
I believed in him, I still do..

~ ~ ~ ~

He promised to love me forever….
But we don’t know the real truths about each other….


Everything is perfect here . .

But I couldn’t create here . .

Somewhere over there . .

That is where I had to be . .

In the middle of chaos . .

I could write your fucking noose . .

So tight around your neck . .

Fit snug, your own death making you feel so safe . .

So sad you believe in fate . .

You don’t just die . .

You create this death . .

Your  final masterpiece . .

Bench Side Throne

Do you think of me?

While she is wrapped inside your intoxicating embrace.

Does she know?

Know that I was the only one, you ever really loved.

It’s a cut so deep.

You gave her the wedding, promised to me.

Wound Festering, rapidly.

She sits in my place, beside your bench side throne.

I gave you me.

In return you left , claimed I had betrayed thee.

How can you?

Tracing her perfectly smooth, warm flesh.

She is marked yours.

Your fingers never to caress me again.

() () () glowing ( ) ( ) ( )

Top hat, hands placed so relaxed – in your pockets

I remember when they would roam – under my yellow sundress

Now.. I just sit in the faded green chair

Your out on the streets, driving that cab, without a care.

You planned on breaking me

With that electric skin and scratchy jaw

I said I would never be bound again

So I built these flimsy ropes and wrapped them diligently

That you could see, you might pull them of so easily